US WW2 M1943 17th Airborne Officers Jacket Named 507th P.I.R.

In a very good and combat worn condition a scare and original 17th Airborne M1943 paratrooper jacket named to Lieutenant Glass. It comes complete with the 17th Airbore ssi, Lt bars and beautifull name tape with the writing “LT Glass”. The jacket comes in a size 34R which is a good mannequin size. All the insignia and patches are original to the jacket and are period applied.

According to the little reasearch which was done, Lt Glass was a member of G company 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment,17th Airborne Division. Curtis A. Glass can be seen in the last photo still in the rank of 1st SGT in the end of 1943.
This jacket was assumably worn during the battle of the Bulge and/or during Operation Varsity. A scarce original paratrooper officers jacket in a stunning condition!

The 507th as part of the 17th Airborne was not utilized in Operation Market Garden in September 1944 and was still in England training with the new division when the Battle of the Bulge began in December 1944. The 507th redeployed to France on 25 December and was used in the counter-attacks against the Germans in January and early February 1945.

Finally, the 507th Parachute Infantry dropped near Wesel, Germany on 24 March to spearhead the division’s assault during Operation Varsity, the airborne crossing of the Rhine.  The regiment subsequently spearheaded the division’s advance into Germany, where it ended the war in May 1945.

The 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment was shipped home to the United States and inactivated in September 1945.