British 1937 Pattern Airborne Sten Gun Frog With Bayonet “Arnhem”


In a very nice combat used condition a rare and increasingly hard to find British Airborne bayonet frog. These frogs were especialy designed for Airborne troops and are often paired with the extra pouch which would hold the Sten MKV base plate when it was broken down during the parachute jump. Offered here is the Airborne frog and standard bayonet only. This example was recently descovered in the Arnhem era where it was left behind after the battle. The frog is clearly 1944 dated on the back side and does have a beautifull light pea green blanco to it.

This is an increasingly hard to find piece of Airborne equipment. More often found 1945 dated. Earlier examples as the one we offer here are almost never offered for sale. A real Battle of Arnhem piece!

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